Clan war matchmaking process

Experience level of members, number of trophies, number of wars won by a clan and clan level will not influence the matchmaking process whatsoever (wikia) after a leader click on war search button, it is listed in a queue with other's clan requests. We've all seen it, seemingly vastly different clan strengths matched up in war some of that is to be expected i suppose and it would be impossible to face your theoretical mirror in war 100% of the time. Clan wars matchmaking will always match your clan into the largest possible clan war war: the war map the matching process with run on the background it will . War weight what is it war weight is a big deal in the clash of clans world it influences the matchmaking system in clan wars the matchmaking system will try to match your clan with another clan having similar strength or war weight.

As we have mentioned recently, there have been changes to the clan war matchmaking algorithm that have been in development for the past few weeks those changes will be going live with this maintenance the implementation of these changes are intended to create a greater sense of fair matches based . The clan war matchmaking system in clash of clans bases the way it works on the data which is called “weight” the total weight of all the villages which join the war of your clan decides who will be your next competitor. To help clans find better matches based on their competitiveness, a clan’s recent war performance will now factor into clan wars matchmaking clans who have been recently losing a lot will be more likely to be matched with other clans who are also struggling to find a win, thus helping to break long losing-streaks.

Clan wars clan wars matchmaking - how to get a match page 1 of 2 1 2 last cancelling and restarting the matchmaking process will not make finding a match any . The clan war will start immediately after an opponent clan has been found clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their members unlike multiplayer battles, trophies have no influence in determining your clan wars opponent. Once a co-leader or leader starts a clan war search, the clan is put into the matchmaking pool, and it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the matchmaking process to find a suitable clan in war. First, matchmaking is determined by a clans total war weight that's all the bases from your clan in the search and their respective weights added together when you press the 'search' button you will be matched with clans with similar war weights. How clan war matchmaking is effective 2018 the process by itself seems really strong and really should produce a reasonable clan war match when clans with related .

How to improve clan war matchmaking lets start with the basics now obviously, you are going to have an easier clan war pairing if you have weaker bases in your clan . Who hasn't heard of leveling to 85 or 95 made popular by onehive the theory was you only upgrade offense at th9 and th10 till maxed and then do defense such that in clan war (which matches based on defense they thought) you would be weighted light (zero defense for th) but have an offensive. In this video we'll break down some of the official facts behind the matchmaking system and discuss some common misnomers that will helpfully help you all avoid mismatches in the future and shed . I see no issue with current war matchmakingmay the best clan win edit: although i do believe, the first 3 battles you play to obtain cards, should be tourney standard permalink. According to radio royale there is a hidden matchmaking trophy in clan war if you win a lot, you get matched with tougher opponent, if you lose alot, you get matched with easier opponent at the moment since everyone just started, the hidden trophy is a bit messed up, but it should be better as people progress.

Clan war matchmaking process

Information behind war matchmaking & upgrading optimization - a guide by clash with ash 164876 hey guys today i wanted to share some “behind the scenes” information about the matchmaking process in clan wars. Search by forum name search by forum content. However as our clan members got higher in ranks and the war matchmaking caught up to us we started to loose against much tougher enemies since then our top th9s have really improved their skills but we’ve also had a string of easier matchups. Please keep in mind you need to allow time for the matchmaking process (declaring a few minutes before 5am may mean you are not matched in time) contest rules alliances compete in normal 6 hour wars (choosing “classic war” in normal war declare tab).

  • Clan wars matchmaking coming update 2016 in the coming update, a new iteration of clan wars matchmaking will bring a large amount of under-the-hood improvements to raise the quality of war matchups.
  • Tips to win almost every clan war clan war matchmaking - less mismatches try to build those players up before accepting them in your clan war clan and don .
  • In clan wars, what factors are used to determine the opponent clan up vote 5 down vote favorite in the clan wars matchmaking, what criteria is used to determine the clan that you are fighting against.

Sandip mukherjee: hi im ask a question please reply mei'm leader of world war clan #rrqy9j2li'm face a problem this clan can't search clan war,my every member in active and good players but war can't searchi'm full day search clan war but he did not search any opponent please tell me why can't search clan warand one more problem i can't contact any supercell members by mailmassage option . Also keep in mind that clan matchmaking is based on clan composition, and not average strength of the entire clan as such, adding lower level member to your clan will not help you find easier matches, and will backfire in the form of providing more 3 star wins for the opposing clan against the low level members. Hi, home search help log out. Maintenance: we’re having a short maintenance break to deploy some clan wars matchmaking improvements and a war season reward fix 11:46 pm - 15 may 2018 59 retweets.

Clan war matchmaking process
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